Animal or human bite

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Patient examples

Warning: may contain graphic images.

The index finger has a cut a cross the bag, which might have injured the extensor tendon.

The tip of the middle finger has dropped. This is an open mallet finger injury.

The concern is that it might go into the joint. A minor procedure under local anaesthetic was performed to washout the wounds and repair the tendon and skin.

There are multiple small bite wounds from a cat. These were cleaned and the patient given antibiotics. No surgery was needed.

This patient punched someone in the face. He was left with a wound on the knuckle.

It is likely the hand hit a tooth. There is a high risk of bacteria being pushed into the joint and causing a severe infection. The extensor tendon and bone might also be injured.

The patient needed urgent medical care including surgery to washout the joint and a course of antibiotics. 

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