FLARE - a study on flexor tendons injuries

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Each finger has two flexor tendons that allow the finger to bend into a fist.

Injury to the flexor tendons are common. They are often caused by cuts to the fingers or hand. If one or both tendons are injured, it becomes difficult to bend the finger. 

Most patients choose to have their tendon(s) repaired with an operation.  The operation is followed by a period of rehabilitation that can take 3 months or longer.

There are many different aspects of flexor tendon injury and rehabilitation that doctors and hand therapists are uncertain about. 

We are currently designing a research study to look at different types of surgery and rehabilitation for patients with flexor tendon injuries.

We are looking for people to discuss their experience of flexor tendon injury. This would involve a one-off phone or video call and would help us make improvements to the design of the rehab programme.

If you are interested in being involved, or would like more information, please contact Lisa on: flexor.rstn@gmail.com or 07866 997732.

Privacy notice
By contacting us via the Gmail account or phone number above you will provide us with your personal details. These details will be held securely within our Google account. Access to this account is limited to the research team.
We will only use your personal details to contact you about the FLARE research study. We will not share you information with any third parties. At anytime you can request to have your details removed. At the end of the study the account will be deleted.

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