Get help

Many hand injuries can be cared for at home. My Injured Hand has information on common injuries as well as general advice.

Pain relief
Wound care
Caring for a cast

Get help online or on the phone. There is information on common hand injuries and advice on when to seek treatment.

Your local pharmacist will be able to help with:


- pain relief

- wound dressings

- splints and braces

- guidance on simple injuries


Find a pharmacy here.

Minor Injuries Units, Urgent Care Centres and GPs are able to treat minor hand injuries.

If you need a specialist opinion, they can refer you on to the local hand surgery team.

For more major injuries it is best to make your way to a local Accident and Emergency Department or call 999. 

These include:

- bleeding that won't stop

- severe infection

- amputated part

- broken bone with overlying wound

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